[NEWS] 160415 Junsu’s OST for ‘Descendants of the Sun’ dominates iTunes charts worldwide


[NEWS] 160414 JYJ’s Junsu Tops Music Charts With “Descendants of the Sun” OST

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[VIDEO] 160414 Junsu ‘How Can I Love You’ (Descendants Of The Sun OST) MV

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[AUDIO] 160413 Junsu ‘How Can I Love You’ (Descendants Of The Sun OST)

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160412 cjes.tagram: Descendents Of The Sun OST ‘How Can I Love You’ will release on 2016.04.14, 12am KST #Junsu

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[ENG SUB] Yoochun ‘2014 “Missing You” Drama Event in Japan’ DVD

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[OTHER FACEBOOK] 160318 JYJ Video Update #Jaejoong #Junsu


[VIDEO] 160317 Junsu sings the OST of KBS Drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’

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[VIDEOS] 160229 ‘The Girl Who Sees Smell’ DVD Set 2 #Yoochun

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[VIDEOS] 160229 ‘The Girl Who Sees Smell’ DVD Set 1 #Yoochun

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[VIDEO] 160226 Yunho ‘I Order You’ NG Cuts

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[VIDEO] 160223 ‘I Order You’ 1st day of filming #Yunho

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[VIDEO] 160223 ‘I Order You’ BTS #Yunho


[NEWS] 160205 Web Drama ‘I Order You’ Flourishes Overseas

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[PHOTOS] 151228 Changmin During ‘The Scholar Who Walks The Night’

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[VIDEO] 151119 Junsu ‘Time Flows By Since It’s You’ MV (Six Flying Dragons OST)


[OTHER TWITTER] 151113 SPY_DVD_JP: Jaejoong for ‘SPY’

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[VIDEO] 151112 Kim Junsu reveals official MV for ‘Six Flying Dragons’ OST

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[PHOTOS] 151111 Yunho During ‘I Order You’ Filming

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[AUDIO] 151110 Junsu ‘Time Flows By Since It’s You’ (Six Flying Dragon’s OST)