Conducting the ochestra

Talk – Junsu Japanese fail~
Achikochi = here and there. Junsu said it backward as ‘kochiachi’ which isn’t a word

Genie Time – Song Medley
Hug, You’re My Melody, Toki wo Tomete, Miduhyo

Genie Time – Dance Medley
Out of Control, X Song, Flower, Mirotic, Rising Sun, Mission, OeO, FLP, Incredible)

Genie Time- Junsu as Junko (bigeastation character)

Kanade (by Sukima Switch)

A Pure White Lily For Your Birthday (by Fukuyama Masaharu)

Kimi Janai Dare ka Nante ~Tejina~ (by DEEP)

That Man (Secret Garden OST)


Credits: XIARU + withxiah + ohmyjun + Vichelle Wong
Shared by: DBSKnights