Singer Kim Junsu of K-pop trio JYJ accepted the grand prize for Death Note at the 2016 Edaily Culture Awards, which proclaims his recent musical as the best of the year, reports The Korea Herald.

“I am honored to be given such a grand prize. I want to share this glory with all the staff members and actors who starred in Death Note,” Junsu reportedly said during his acceptance speech.

Death Note is a Korean stage adaptation of the hit manga series of the same name about a high school student that gains possession of a death notebook that grants the user the ability to kill anyone he knows by face and name by writing on that notebook.

Junsu played the lead role of L, the highly intelligent and peculiar private detective that begins tracking the murders resulting from the use of the death notebook.

The recognition further solidifies Junsu’s reputation as a critically acclaimed musical actor on top of a popular K-pop idol. He has starred in multiple musicals, including the recently ended DRACULA where he played the titular role.

Junsu is the only remaining member of the JYJ trio currently not serving his mandatory military service, and plans to resume his music promotions through the 2016 XIA The Best Ballad Spring Tour Vol. 2 in Japan concert in Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan this March.

Credit: kpopstarz
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