imageTVXQ Yunho’s fan club has been revealed to have donated 2,000,000 Won (~1675.26 USD) to the charity ‘Love’s Fruit’ in honor of Yunho’s birthday, which falls on February 6.
To Cassiopeias, this generous deed should come as no surprise. Yunho’s fan club has continuously donated to numerous charities and organizations. Donations have been distributed not only in the form of money but also charity work, rice, and other essentials.

Just from 2013, it has been reported that some 32,000,000 Won (~26810.88 USD) has been distributed through different charities and organizations under Yunho and his fans names. This year’s donation is said to be specifically for researching cures for rare diseases that are afflicting children in Seoul.

Yunho’s fan page further stated, “Because Yunho consistently participates in donations and charitable events, we too will continue to pursue good deeds.”

Yunho is a great example of a public figure using his status to convince others to give back

Credit: allkpop
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