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[ENG SUB] 160205 JYJ ‘Fruitful Trip’ Ep 5 (Highlights)

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[VIDEO] 160205 JYJ ‘Fruitful Trip’ Ep 5 (Highlights)

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160205 cjes.tagram: JYJ Photo Update

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[ENG SUB] 160204 JYJ ‘Fruitful Trip’ Ep 4

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[ENG SUB] 160203 JYJ ‘Fruitful Trip’ Ep 3


[NEWS] 160203 Watch JYJ Create Chaos and Fun in Their Very Own Real Variety Show

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[ENG SUB] 160202 JYJ “Fruitful Trip” Ep. 2 – JYJ’s ‘Thor’ Undercover! Head-to-Head, Chopping Firewood!


[ENG SUB] 160201 JYJ ‘Fruitful Trip’ Ep.1

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160130 cjes.tagram: JYJ Real Variety ‘Fruitful Trip’ Video Teasers


[ENG SUB] 160129 JYJ reality show “Harvest Trip” teaser

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160129 cjes.tagram: JYJ for Real Variety ‘Harvest Trip’


[VIDEO] 160129 JYJ Real Variety ‘Harvest Trip’ Highlight Video


[NAVER LINE] 160118 JYJ: Yoochun Update

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[ENG SUB] 2015 JYJ Membership Week FM


[PHOTOS] 160113 Cjes Site Update – JYJ Profile Pic Update


[ENG SUB] JYJ 2014 Japan Dome Tour ~Ichigo Ichie~ DVD Full


[NEWS] 160109 C-JeS Entertainment to also take legal measures against malicious postings towards JYJ

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[ENG SUB] JYJ 2014 Japan Dome Tour ~Ichigo Ichie~ DVD – Making


[FACEBOOK] 151229 JYJ: 2015 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.4

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[INFO] 151224 Oricon 2015 Yearly Ranking #Tohoshinki #JYJ


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