[TRANS] "Anna noona whom I love~!" sweetest pie Kim Jaejoong

[OTHER TWITTER] 150427 kkjj4: Letter from Jaejoong

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[NEWS] 150427 Fans outraged after “Gag Concert” censors JYJ Junsu’s name on latest broadcast

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[VIDEO] 150427 Junsu ‘The Game Begins’ MV (Death Note Musical)

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[NEWS] 150427 ′Gag Concert′ Explains Why Part of JYJ Kim Junsu′s Name was Muted During Broadcast


[PHOTOS] 150426 TVXQ at Hong Kong Airport Heading to Japan


[PHOTOS] 150426 TVXQ Special Live Tour -T1ST0RY- in Shenzhen (Day 2)

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[PHOTOS] TVXQ ‘Bonjour Paris’ Part II


[OTHER WEIBO] 150426 TVXQ Backstage at T1ST0RY Concert in Shenzhen

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150426 222yeon: Yoochun on the ‘Sensory Couple’ Filming Set

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[VIDEO] 150426 ‘Sensory Couple’ for Sky Drama #Yoochun

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[ENG SUB] XIA Junsu interview – “Words to your fans?”


[OTHER FACEBOOK] 150426 뮤지컬 데스노트: Junsu ‘Death Note’ Musical Update


[FACEBOOK] 150426 JYJ Official: Yoochun ‘Sensory Couple’ BTS Photos


[PHOTOS] 150425 TVXQ Special Live Tour ~ T1ST0RY ~ in Shenzhen (Day 1)

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[NEWS] 150425 TVXQ’s Changmin gives his honest opinions about the five members of ‘Bounce Indo


[TWITTER] 150425 Junsu Update

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[VIDEO] 150424 Junsu Interview Before EBS ‘Space Sympathy’


[FACEBOOK] 150425 JYJ Official: Junsu ‘Death Note’ Musical BTS Cut


[PHOTOS] 150424 SBS ‘Sensory Couple’ Gallery #Yoochun

[TRANS] So I guess I'll only get to see my family at the Completion Ceremony? I'll bravely and diligently finish my training, and although your son is already in his 30s, I will show you that I've become more manly man...[I understand that you must be worried (t/n: liberal trans since I can't read his whole sentence)] but don't worry~ Your son is stronger that you think~ I am strong in mind and body so Father and Mom, please take care of your health, eat healthy and exercise (t/n: rest of the words cut off in the picture) Your son will rest now for tomorrow. I will write you again later.
Please send my regards to sisters as well ^^
From thirty-something years old son Jaejoong who's adjusting well -

[OTHER TWITTER] 150424 kkjj4: Jaejoong Letter to his Parents


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