Kim Junsu – member of Idol group JYJ announced that JYJ will be back to activity as group 3 next year. Recently, Junsu has held musical program named “December: Uncompleted song” in Samcheongdong,Seoul. In [December] interview: “There is certainly that we will come out album under the name as JYJ next year” – Junsu said while grasping his fist tightly.

JYJ released first full-length album “The Beginning” on Oct, 2013 and then kept coming out the 2nd full album titled “IN HEAVEN” in the following year (Sept,2011). It’s been 2 years since there was no more album released.

Junsu expressed his deep love to Fans: “Fans are my motive power to keep standing on the stage and other members of JYJ want to see Fans very much, too” he also explained that due to “timing” reason 3 of them couldn’t make any album as JYJ. In addition, he emphasized: “One person wants to do solo activities, it’s obvious that other members won’t take rest but start to be immersed into drama, musical activity and so on. For instance, Jaejoong-hyung finished his solo activity but I have been trapped into musical performances while Yoochun must keep on shooting for drama at these time. Although we always take feeling to do activity as JYJ timing often goes against our wish. Therefore, we’re sure to come back together next year” *smile*

Being asked about free time to make a trip together when doing activity respectively like this, Junsu said: “It’s very important to refresh yourself as being suffered from stress, we often make usual trip at those time. I went to Cheonan with Jaejoong-hyung and Yoochun, not only did we eat Gamjatan but also drove along the road such as Chuncheon or Sokcho 2 days ago”

During the interview, Junsu laughed from the beginning to the end, he said: “I’ve been very busy to prepare for musical “December” recently. I could learn as well as feel a host of things through this musical. My birthday will happen before my first performance so it might be the worst birthday in my life, It’s likely to send tension. About my desired wish? now, that’s good if the musical is over in February”

Source: news.kstyle.com
English Translation by Pearls_Purple
(Unimportant parts are omitted. Just translated Junsu’s words)