[NEWS] 150327 XIA In Tokyo Concert With More Than 33,000 Fans

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[NETIZEN BUZZ] 150327 Junsu gets invited to EBS ‘Space Gonggam’


[PHOTOS] 150327 PRESS: 150324~26 XIA 3rd Asia Tour ~FLOWER~ in Tokyo


[PHOTOS] 150327 Junsu at Gimpo Airport Back in Korea


[OTHER TWITTER] 150327 zunoxiahmom: Junsu with his Mom

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[ENG SUB] 150325 Yoochun and Sekyung on SBS Hanbam Red Carpet

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[OTHER TWITTER] 150326 kkjj4: Jaejoong Update

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[NEWS] 150326 Yoochun would frankly reveal a love relationship to the public

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[NEWS] 150326 Park Yoochun: Kim Jaejoong who’s enlisting ahead, seems to be a little bit depressed

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[NEWS] 150327 JYJ’s Junsu to appear for the first time on television!

No thumbnail for [NEWS] 150324 Jaejoong “We will meet again… but I don’t want to part” (KStyle report)

[NEWS] 150324 Jaejoong “We will meet again… but I don’t want to part” (KStyle report)

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150326 menswearnoirer: 2015 S/S Collection with ‘Jae joong’


[OTHER FACEBOOK] 150627 ID-MYO: 2015.03.24~26 Xia 3rd concert in Tokyo “flower”


[FANCAMS] 150324~26 XIA 3rd Asia Tour ~FLOWER~ in Tokyo


[PHOTOS + TWITTER COMPILATION] 150326 XIA 3rd Asia Tour ~FLOWER~ in Tokyo (Day 3)

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150325 kaew_phanmile: #XiaJunsu #KimJunsu #XIA3rdConcertinBKK


[PHOTOS] 150326 Yoochun for @ star1 Magazine (April 2015 Issue)


[OTHER TWITTER] 150326 SBSNOW: ‘The Girl who sees Smells’ Official Posters #Yoochun

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[NEWS] 150326 Jaejoong sells extra tickets for his upcoming concert after it sells out in 5 minutes


[NEWS] 150326 “The Admiral” and “Ode to My Father” Achieve Box Office Success in North America #Yunho


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