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[VIDEO] 141021 APPLE DAILY: Lift Encounter with Jaejoong

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[ENG SUB] Jaejoong D.A.T.V ‘Triangle’ Interview


[NEWS] 141022 U-Know Yunho, Removing the tag of the controversy over his acting abilities for the first time in 5 years


[NEWS] 141022 “Journal of Night Watchmen” has left us with Actor Jung Yunho


[VIDEO + TRANS] 141022 KBS news broadcast that TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY is a world tour

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 141022 HEEKYOUNG.SEONG: Yunho at ‘Night Watchman’s Journal’ Wrap Up Party


[OTHER WEIBO] 141022 ELBOWYEISH: Junsu Before Returning Back to Korea


[Ratings: Tues, 10.21.14] ′The Night Watchman′s Journal′ Concludes at the Top #Yunho


[VIDEO + TRANS] 141021 Yunho’s video interview on his thoughts for the final filming for “Journal of Night Watchmen”


[PHOTOS] 141021 Yunho at ‘Night Watchman’s Journal’ Wrap Up Party

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 141021 haree21: Changmin Update


[NEWS] 141021 JYJ release the official dates for Japan Dome Tour “Ichigo Ichie”

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM + FACEBOOK] 141021 sewingboundaries: Jaejoong

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[PHOTOS] 141021 ‘Night Watchman’s Journal’ Gallery #Yunho

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[ENG SUB] Jaejoong Interview Cut – I Never Seduce Women


[NEWS] 141021 ” ‘Journal of Night Watchmen’ is my life’s lesson”.. Let’s Anticipate Actor Jung Yunho’s “Final Journal Entry”


[NEWS] 141021 “Journal of Night Watchmen” Heartwarming Ending Broadcast Commemorative Shots, The Ending Broadcast Thoughts Which Are Filled With Affection Are Also Attracting Attention… #Yunho

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 141021 kimheenim: Suju’s Heechul mentions Changmin

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[INSTAGRAM] 141021 Jaejoong Update


[TWITTER] 141021 Junsu Update


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