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[VIDEO] 141222 Sukkiri Preview: Tohoshinki bowling challenge (to be broadcast on 12/29)


[NEWS] 141222 TVXQ the only foreign artiste in Oricon’s top 5 for sales in 2014


[OTHER TWITTER] 141222 wwaterforum7: Photo Zone Featuring #JYJ

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[VIDEO] 141222 TVXQ’s Yunho Introduces Melodrama “Ode to My Father”


[PHOTOS] 141222 JYJ at Incheon Airport Heading to Fukuoka, Japan


[PHOTOS] 141221 SMTOWN NOW: TVXQ Special Live Tour -T1ST0RY- in Beijing


[PHOTOS] 141221 Jaejoong’s Support Message at No Minwoo’s Christmas Live

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[VIDEO] 141221 Jaejoong for ‘Lentils’ Diet Master


[NEWS] 141221 TVXQ, Super Junior remain No. 1 on Oricon charts

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[PHOTOS] 141221 Changmin – SM Hologram Musical ‘School Oz’


[TWITTER] 141221 Jaejoong’s Birthday Gift to Junsu

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[OTHER TWITTER] 141220 likesun12: Yunho in Japan, Yunho treated Son Hojun to beef

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 141218 cine_21: #CINE21 #no.966 #ParkYoochun #Actor #BlueDragonFilmAwards #BestNewActor #jyj

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 141220 141217 Jaejoong at 2015 KBS Big Reform Media Presentation Backstage

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[FACEBOOK] 141220 동방신기(TVXQ!): Changmin at TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY- in BEIJING: Crazy Love

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[FACEBOOK] 141220 동방신기(TVXQ!): Yunho at TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY- in BEIJING: Paradise

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[FACEBOOK] 141220 동방신기(TVXQ!): TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY- in BEIJING: Show Me Your Love Rehearsal


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 141220 95jeonngung: #Jaejoong filming for KBS ‘Spy’ #TVXQ #YoungwoongJaejoong #KimJaejoong Really good-looking

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[OTHER TWITTER] 141220 ymamylim: Changmin’s hologram musical “School Oz” Suri Suri masuri susuri saba!


[PHOTOS] 141220 TVXQ at Beijing Airport Heading to Japan


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